Going Ductless In Oregon City Oregon

Discover The Daikin Difference

The Daikin brand is our choice when it comes to home heating and cooling because no one does it better than Daikin. They offer the highest efficiencies, the best warranties and the broadest product selection. There’s a perfect Daikin product for your home environment AND you may qualify for rebates and incentives.


Daikin Ductless Heat Pumps are reliable, ultra-functional, quiet in operation and energy efficient! Daikin delivers every time with outstanding results. You can expect to get:

  • The Best Efficiencies (up to 20 SEER)
  • The Best Warranties (up to 12 years on select models)
  • The Broadest Product Offering

Daikin is the world leader in ductless technology. We chose Daikin for their expertise in home heating and cooling. Daikin does not manufacture consumer electronics, like many of the other brands. They are dedicated to ductless technology and produce some of the most technologically and aesthetically sophisticated systems ever introduced.

Daikin supports US based manufacturing. Daikin invests $417 million on a new campus in Texas adding 2800 employees to its local workforce. This is a major expansion and vote of confidence in the US market.

Daikin is leader in ductless innovation. Daikin has turned heating and air conditioning into an art form by blending their technology into any home interior, discreetly and tastefully. By imparting it with intelligence that automatically senses your needs. And by giving you complete control of your environment, room by room. They are dedicated to home heating and cooling and known for their advanced innovations and high quality products.

3D Daikin DealerHire The Right Contractor. Choosing the right ductless contractor is the most important decision. We have the highest level of training through Daikin, which means we are fully and properly trained to make the best product decision and best installation for you.

  • Daikin 3D Dealers can be trusted to do it right, the first time. A Daikin trained 3D dealer has completed more than 80 hours of rigorous training on Daikin products, service and installation procedures prior to receiving the 3D mark of excellence.
  • Daikin 3D Dealers offer the best warranty in the business. Only Daikin Dealers who complete our advanced training are able to offer you Warranty Plus, the best warranty in the industry that covers 10 years on Compressor and 7-years on parts on select products.
  • Daikin 3D Dealers personally commit to the highest level of service and satisfaction. You can rely on your local Daikin 3D Dealer to work hard to earn your trust. Every 3D Dealer demonstrates a high level of professionalism, and is personally dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction and using their best efforts to quickly resolve any and all issues.

You may qualify for rebates and incentives. Rebates and incentives are available for select models of ductless heat pumps. If you currently heat your home with cadet wall heaters or other types of electric baseboard heaters, you most likely qualify. Many Daikin units are ENERGY STAR™ rated.

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