Ductless FAQ Oregon City

Getting To Know Ductless Heat Pumps

Our industry has rarely seen anything as exciting as the ductless heat pump. A ductless system is perfect for our climate and offers benefits that surpass traditional heating and cooling equipment. Following are some of our frequently asked questions. if you don’t find your question here, give us a call. We’re happy to help you out.

Ductless FAQ - Bryant Lifestyle - Kitchen Comfort 1Q: Is Oregon City a good area for a ductless heat pump?
A: Absolutely! Our area is the ideal climate for a ductless heat pump. Our climate makes a ductless system an ideal choice. One unit will heat and cool your home all year long. And you may qualify for rebates and tax incentives for residents that choose ductless heating and ductless cooling.

Q: What is a ductless heat pump?
A: A ductless heat pump is a super high efficient zonal heating and cooling system that does not require ductwork. They are gaining in popularity in Oregon City because they are an extremely energy efficient way to heat and cool your home. A ductless heat pump has 3 main components:

  • An indoor unit that mounts on the wall or ceiling
  • An outdoor unit that typically sits on the ground
  • A remote control that operates the inside unit

Q: What is the difference between a ductless heat pump and a ductless mini split system?
A: In our area, ductless related terms are more popular; however the two terms are interchangeable. They are the same thing. Some manufacturers refer to a ductless heat pump as a ductless mini split system. In Oregon City and throughout the Portland area, we tend to speak of them as a ductless heat pump but you could just as easily call it a ductless mini split.

Q: What are the benefits of a ductless system?
A: There are many reasons to choose a ductless system…..from savings on utility bills to improving your indoor air quality by breathing cleaner air. Here are a few benefits you’ll be sure to enjoy:

  • Big saving on utility bills. – Because of their super high efficiencies, many homeowners report up to 50% savings on their energy bill. Ductless mini splits only heat or cool the area you want and not the area you don’t, whereas traditional methods of heating and cooling, like an AC or furnace heat or cool the entire home.
  • 2-in-1 Functionality – A ductless heat pump provides year round comfort because one unit does it all – it provides heating and cooling. It’s much more economical when compared to purchasing a furnace and an air-conditioner.
  • Enjoy Cleaner, Fresher Air – A ductless system does not force air through your dirty ductwork, the air is delivered directly to you by-passing the mold, dust and allergens that are collected in your duct work.
  • Easy Installation – A ductless heat pump is easy to install, most installation can be made in a day or less.
  • Easy To Maintain – A ductless heat pump is super low-maintenance and easy to care for.
  • Rebates and Incentives – When you go ductless you may qualify for rebates and incentives!

Q: How does a ductless heat pump work?
A: During the heating season, a ductless heat pump draws heat from outside air and moves it inside. Because they tap into existing heat in the air, they use less electricity to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. In the summertime, they reverse the flow and extract heat from inside and move it outside to provide cooling.

Q: How much does a ductless heat pump cost?
A: The cost of a ductless system will vary depending on the size of your home and how many indoor heads are needed. Additionally, some ductless units have additional features that help control humidity and purify the air. Contact us for a free consultation and evaluation of your home.

Q: Where can we purchase a ductless heating system
A: The most important decision is to make sure to purchase your ductless system from a qualified ductless contractor. You must have a trained contractor to do the installation as you need to be licensed to handle the refrigerant that is used to connect the outside unit and indoor head We’ve received the highest level of training from Daikin. 3D certification means that from start to finish you’ll have our experience working for you.

Q: Will a ductless unit qualify for a federal tax credits or rebates?
A: Most of the time, your new ductless unit will qualify for some type of rebate or incentive. Those homeowners that are replacing Cadet wall heaters or other costly baseboard electric heaters are certain to qualify. It depends on the unit you choose and the type of heating and cooling that you are replacing.

Bryant Lifestyle - Kitchen ComfortQ: Do you recommend a manufacturer?

A: After extensive research, we chose Daikin. Daikin is the world leader in ductless technology. Unlike other manufacturers, Daikin does not manufacturer consumer electronics – they are the only manufacturer dedicated to only to ductless technology. We feel they offer the best technology, the best training, the best product and the industry’s best warranty. When it comes to ductless heat pumps, no one does it better than Daikin.

Q: How is the system controlled?
A:The system is controlled with a remote control that also functions as a programmable thermostat. Most systems offer various modes of operation such as quiet, high, or timer. Wall mounted controls are also available.

Q: When is a good time to choose a ductless system?
A: Anyone looking to replace expensive and inefficient forms of heating like cadet wall heaters, baseboard heaters is a good candidate for a ductless system. The ductless system can become the main way to heat and cool the home while leaving existing electric baseboards in bedrooms and bathrooms. Other applications include:

  • Room additions – A ductless heat pump is a great choice when adding or remodeling your home. Rather than extending the home’s existing ductwork or pipes or adding electric resistance heaters, the ductless heat pump can provide efficient heating and cooling with an easy installation.
  • New construction – New homes can be designed or adapted to take advantage of the characteristics of ductless heat pumps. Typically one or more systems might be installed in various “zones” of the house to simplify installation and minimize refrigerant line length.
  • Adding Air Conditioning – Adding AC is easy with a ductless heat pump. Installation is quick and easy and can usually happen in less than one day.

Q: How long will a ductless heat pump system last?
A: With proper maintenance and care a ductless heat pump should perform for over 20 years. Many systems installed in the 1980’s are still functioning well today.

Q: Does a ductless system have a good warranty?
A: Daikin ductless systems offer the best warranty when installed by a factory trained and certified heating contractor.

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