Gas Furnace FAQ


Q: When is it time to repair or replace my existing gas furnace?

A: A good time to replace your furnace is when it is old, inefficient or in need of a major repair. Today’s systems are as much as 60% more efficient than furnaces that are as little as ten years old. If you are concerned about utility bills or are faced with an expensive repair, you may want to consider replacing your system rather than enduring another costly season or paying to replace an expensive component. The utility cost savings of a new unit may provide an attractive return on your investment. If you plan on financing the purchase, the monthly savings on your utility bill should be considered when determining the actual monthly cost of replacing a system. The offsetting savings may permit you to purchase a more efficient system. 

QIf I decide to replace my gas furnace, how do I select the right one?

A:  First, make sure the unit is properly sized.  At Ben’s Heating we’ll always do a load calculation to determine the best fit for you home. Next, we’ll consider any comfort issues in the home. Some products can reduce air stratification and uneven temperatures from room to room. If you have allergies we’ll take that into consideration. We’ve chosen the Bryant brand of furnace because of their reliability and dependability. 

Q:  What is ENERGY STAR?
ENERGY STAR is a program that was created by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to help businesses and individuals make energy efficient purchases. This program places the ENERGY STAR label, a small blue and white logo, on items that meet superior energy efficiency standards. This label provides an easy way for consumers to identify quality, high efficiency products. Bryant provides furnaces with ENERGY STAR ratings.

Q:  Will a programmable thermostat add value to my gas furnace?
Absolutely!  A programmable thermostat helps make it easy to save by offering pre-programmed settings to regulate your home’s temperature in both summer and winter – regardless if you are home, asleep or away.  See a qualified Bryant home heating and cooling expert to make sure your programmable thermostat is installed properly and that you know how to use it. It will help immensely in managing your heating and cooling bills.

Q:  Should I be concerned about Indoor Air Quality?

A: According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), your exposure to air pollutants can be up to 100 times higher indoors than outdoors.  If you have pets, asthma or allergies and are concerned about your indoor air quality, we can help identify the right gas furnace with filtration features.

Q: What do I need to know regarding maintenance of my gas furnace?
 It is very important to schedule at least a once a year maintenance for your gas furnace. Regular scheduled furnace maintenance will help your equipment run at peak potential, extend the life of your equipment and give you peace of mind.

Q: How expensive are gas furnaces?

A: Many factors affect the cost of a heating or air conditioning system, including the size of your home, the type and condition of the ductwork installed and accessories you might need such as a thermostat or an electronic air cleaner. We have a complete range of systems and accessories available to meet all your needs, including your financial ones! Your local dealer will be happy to assist you in finding the right system to meet not only your comfort needs but also your household budget.

Q: How long can I expect a new gas furnace to last?

A: If you have a qualified technician perform regular preventative maintenance and service suggested for your unit, industry averages suggest that an air conditioner should last 12-15 years (sea coast applications may be less) and a gas furnace should last as many as 20-25 years.

Q: Where do I get replacement parts for my gas furnace?

A: Contact your Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer for help obtaining replacement parts.

Our trained experts can help you with any aspect of your gas furnace. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new gas furnace or need services like a maintenance check or furnace repair, we’re here to help.  Get A Quote, Ask A Question, or Call today! 503-233-1779.

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