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Going Ductless Could Be Your Best Choice!

Are you tired of high heating bills?  Does anyone in your home suffer from allergies or asthma? Would you like to experience a higher level of home comfort?  If you live in Oregon City or West Linn, going ductless could be the best decision you make.

Choosing a Ductless Heat Pumps from Ben’s Heating could be the best decision you can make for your home comfort.  Ductless heat pumps offer a modern approach to home heating. When compared to the traditional methods of heating, ductless heat pumps are easier to install, more flexible that a central system, offer higher efficiencies, often times better warranties, and easier to maintain.

There’s a reason why ductless heating and cooling are gaining popularity in our area.


Ductless Heating and Cooling Means ComfortBenefits of Ductless Heat Pumps:

  1. Reduce energy costs – many people hare saving 50% and more on their monthly utility bill by going ductless.
  2. Increase Home Comfort – A ductless heat pump is an advanced heating and cooling system that outperforms most furnaces and heat pumps.
  3. Easy Air Conditioning – Adding AC is easy with a ductless heat pump.
  4. Room to room comfort – With a ductless heat pump you just heat and cool the rooms you want.
  5. Easy to expand – A ductless system can have 1,2,3,4, or up to 8 indoor heads. This means you can create comfort zones throughout your home.
  6. Rebates and incentives – You may qualify for rebates and incentives when you go ductless.


Ductless Heat Pumps Are Great Problem Solvers

~Do you have one room in your home that’s always too hot or too cold?

A ductless heat pump might be the solution to your problem. Sometimes called mini-split systems, ductless heat pumps are great for additions, sunrooms, garage conversions or any room in your house that is hard to heat or cool. They are even a good option for older homes with radiator or baseboard heat that need supplemental heating or cooling.

~Are you interested in room to room comfort? Also known as Zonal Heating?

Whether you have 1 room or multiple rooms that need a heating or cooling solution, ductless heat pumps are highly efficient and provide heating and cooling in 1 unit. They are affordable especially when you consider the money you’ll save on your monthly energy bills and that over the lifetime of the equipment, it will likely pay for itself. Getting room to room comfort is much easier with a ductless heat pump.  A ductless system can accommodate 1,2,3,4 or up to 8 indoor heads. This allows you to define your home comfort.

~Do you need to add Air Conditioning?

Adding AC to your home has never been easier. With a ductless heat pump, you can add air conditioning simply and easily. And when you choose ductless you get heating as well. One ductless system will heat and cool your home all year long.

~Are you remodeling or planning on a home addition?

How will you heat and cool this newly created space?  It’s a no brainer with a ductless heat pump.  You won’t have any ductwork to worry about, no need to rip anything else up as a ductless heat pump is easy to install.

Kitchen Comfort - Bryant LifestyleBen’s Heating and Bryant ductless are a winning combination! Hiring the right ductless heating and cooling contractor is the most important choice. A certified ductless company has been properly trained and has the knowledge and experience to recommend the right system for you. We choose industry leader Bryant as our premier brand because nobody knows ductless like Bryant. They are the world’s leading manufacturer of heating and cooling products and offer some of the highest efficiencies, the best warranties and broadest selection of products to choose from.

Find out if ductless is right for you! If you live in Oregon City, you may qualify for ductless rebates and incentives.  Get A Quote, Ask An Expert or Call today:  503-233-1779.

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