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Air Ducts

Air ducts.

Air ducts are incredibly integral to your home’s HVAC system. They’re responsible for carrying your home’s air back and forth throughout your house. They’re also involved in your home’s energy efficiency. According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Star® program, leaky ducts in attics or crawlspaces can account for 20 percent or more of a home's heating-and-cooling energy losses.

Here in Portland, OR, we use our heating-and-cooling system frequently due to changing temperatures. This means there’s a good chance of energy loss since your air ducts are also frequently involved. But our professionals at Ben's Heating & Air Conditioning know how to address any air-duct issues your home may be facing.

New Air Ducts

When you alter your existing heating-and-cooling system, it’s highly likely your air ducts will be involved. You need professionals who know how to install or replace high-quality air ducts to keep your energy loss to a minimum and ensure healthy air flowing through those ducts. You want to be sure harmful appliance fumes and gases aren’t being introduced to you via your air ducts. Knowing how to properly design, install, and seal your air ducts is paramount to a successful process outcome.

Repair of Leaky Air Ducts

Sometimes air ducts leak. This can result from poor design or installation, as well as deterioration of joints or tangled or kinked flexible ducts. Some signs that your air ducts may be leaking are higher utility bills, stuffy rooms that always feel uncomfortable, difficult-to-heat-and-cool rooms, and the existence of attic, crawlspace, or garage ducts. If you notice any of these scenarios in your home, call our air-ducts experts to come out to your home to evaluate the need for repairs. During their visit, they’ll check if your ducts are insulated, test your ducts for airflow and air pressure via readings, and evaluate contaminant and particle buildup. After gaining results, they’ll make the appropriate recommendations to rectify the situation. Maybe a simple duct cleaning or a resealing of joints is all that’s needed.

Please call our specialists at 503-233-1779 with any questions or concerns you may have about your air ducts or HVAC system in general. We’re always on hand to help.

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