Gas Pipes


Gas piping encompasses many areas––gas furnaces, gas BBQs, gas stoves/cooktops/ovens, gas dryers, gas fireplaces (indoor and outdoor), gas generators, gas water heaters, and gas hot tubs. Natural gas is everywhere and has many advantages over its alternatives. No wonder so many Gresham, OR homeowners rely on it as their energy source or want to convert to it.

Our qualified Ben's Heating & Air Conditioning professionals work with gas piping in all types of situations. As natural as gas is as an energy source, it’s imperative to have reliable professionals when working with gas piping. Obviously, there are inherent dangers if work isn’t done properly, as well as energy loss. Our trusted professionals remain current on the necessary certified standards and licensing required for working with gas piping.

Installation and Maintenance

Again, there are so many uses for gas and gas piping. Many homeowners find they require new gas-piping installation when they choose to convert their existing oil furnaces to gas. Or they’ve installed a new appliance that requires gas for its energy instead of electricity. BBQs, dryers, and ovens requiring gas piping demand a specialist to ensure the project is completed in a safe and professional manner. Our professionals work with an array of gas piping, including flexible and black steel gas lines. They’re knowledgeable on the materials required for different needs and projects, always ensuring your safety. Knowing the appropriate techniques and materials also allows your gas piping to last for years to come. They’re also abreast of what’s needed for regular maintenance to be sure piping joints are sealed correctly and remain so.


In the case of a gas leak, our qualified specialists know exactly how to react. If you ever smell gas in your home, call your utility company immediately and vacate your home until the utility company determines it’s safe to return inside. Typically, in the case of a gas leak, our professionals will come to your home, quickly assess the situation, and make the necessary repair. They know exactly what’s needed to prevent a recurrence, as they’re aware how important your safety is.


Sometimes it’s necessary to replace your gas piping instead of repairing it. If that scenario happens, our experts are adept at safely and quickly replacing the piping with the appropriate materials. Working within certified standards and requirements, they’re happy to work with you and your budget to be sure everything is completed to your satisfaction.

Our professionals have years of experience working with gas piping for existing and new projects and appliances, as well as needed repairs and replacements. Call us today at 503-233-1779 to discuss how we can help.

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