Heat Pumps

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Heat pumps are a great heating-and-cooling option for Portland, OR residents. Heat pumps can offer a tremendous energy savings as opposed to more traditional heating and cooling––up to 15 to 20 percent.

Since this area doesn’t reach tropical temperatures, heat pumps need an auxiliary heating source, whether it’s your existing gas furnace or a new electric one. Once temperatures dip below 35°F to 40°F, the auxiliary heat jumps in to help the heat pump heat your home. But even with this supplemental heating, heat pumps are still more efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional HVAC systems, resulting in lower heating-and-cooling costs.

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Heat pumps work with a series of coils drawing energy from air, water, or the ground. They work extremely efficiently, because they simply transfer heat, rather than burn fuel to create it like conventional heat. This makes them a greener alternative to traditional gas or oil furnaces. Of course for cooling, in practice they run similarly to traditional air conditioners. Typically, there are three types of heat pumps: air-to-air, water source, and geothermal. They collect their heat from the air, water, and outside-your-home ground and concentrate it for use. Bryant offers different models best suited for different scenarios. It’s wise to talk to someone directly from Ben's Heating & Air Conditioning for an assessment on what would best suit you and your home.

Why Choose a Bryant?

No one offers you better guidance than our experts. We choose Bryant heat pumps, because for more than a century Bryant has provided unmatched quality, durability, and reliability. Bryant heating and cooling products go through rigorous testing well beyond industry standards. With Bryant, you get solid warranty coverage to protect your investment. As trained and certified Bryant installers, we are happy to find the best heat pump model that fits your needs.

Living in this Oregon climate offers a heat pump as a viable energy-efficient alternative to traditional HVAC systems. Now may be the perfect opportunity to upgrade your existing nonefficient heating-and-cooling system to a more efficient heat pump. Many of our heat pumps carry an ENERGY STAR® rating, offering substantial savings in your energy costs. Call our experts at 503-233-1779 to help you evaluate if a heat pump would be an appropriate investment for your needs or if you’d like your current heat pump serviced or repaired.

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