“I have been a customer of Ben’s Heating and Air Conditioning for approx 20yrs. Their service is always, efficent,on time and very helpful. There is no other company that offers such fantastic service. I recommend them to anyone who needs furnace or air service. Their staff …from front desk to on site service is top notch.”

“I gave Ben’s a call to hook up my AC system, they came out when it was convenient for me, looked at my system and gave me a bid to finish up the work that was started by someone else. The bid was fair, I gave them a call to schedule the work, and they fit me right in. The technician called the morning of the installation asking if he could get an earlier start because his earlier appointment was quicker than anticipated. When he left the work area was cleaner than he arrived. It is clear Ben’s is more concerned about getting and keeping customers, than just selling you something.”

“Ben’s came out and fixed the bad installation on our furnace (not done by them!). The corrected the vent to the proper size and it works like a champ. We put a new paver patio behind the house and needed the heat pump moved to a different location on short notice. The were completely full, but jumped through hoops to get it done. I highly recommend these guys. They do excellent work and they are great people to work with! Thank you very much.”

“These folks are angels! I had an emergency during the installation of a new gas range, and had to shut off the main gas line to the house. (Furnace, water heater, etc) We found Ben’s on Yelp, and they were great!!! Absolutely great!!! I will not only keep them bookmarked, but will highly recommend them to family and friends. THANK YOU CLYDE, KYLE AND ADAM!!”

“We were having major problems with our both our furnace and our air conditioner. Ben’s gave us a very reasonable estimate, so we went with them.
We were so glad we did, because our system had some very strange aspects, and they analysed the problems thoroughly, and brought in several specialists to make sure they understood the problem. They installed the new system and fixed the duct problem we had. Even after that, they came back when we suspected our ducts were harboring dust. They came back and hand vacuumed each duct, and checked to make sure every thing was working well. They took the job very seriously and did not just stop once the system was in. They followed up and made sure everything was working perfectly. The guys who came and worked were all very pleasant and took their job seriously. I would recommend Ben’s to anyone.”

“Not only did Ben’s give me a great deal on my new furnace, they were professional and went above and beyond. Clyde, the owner, is outstanding and very reasonable. Clyde’s son, Tim, also helped me (he capped a gas line for me under my house during my furnace install) and let me just say the company is in good hands when Clyde retires. They seem to have a great team at Ben’s. Everyone, including the office staff who I called way too much (sorry!), communicated with me and we’re pleasant to work with. If you need furnace/AC help, call these guys.”

“The furnace went out this morning, the kids are flying in today with 2 toddlers and I was really worried. Talked to John, the service manager, at 8 AM and he personally was here before 10:30 to get the heat back on. Have always used Ben’s and most certainly always will. Would highly recommend their kind, courteous and professional business.”

“It’s 20 outside and 54 inside this morning when my HE furnace didn’t kick on. John from Ben’s called me back within a few minutes. He talked me right though the process to get it kicked back on. WOW Great service and so nice to work with!!”

“I have used Ben’s Heating & AC for many years, but this last visit was over the top. We had a gas line installed in our new place for our dryer. Once the line was installed it was a week or so before we put the dryer in. My husband tried to get the dryer to fit behind our bi-fold doors and could not. (He’s an aspiring handyman, but couldn’t figure it out) After the dryer sitting outside of the doors for a few weeks, I finally called Ben’s and talked to them about it. I spoke with Clyde, the owner, and he offered to come take a look. He showed up and had it all fixed in five minutes! And wouldn’t charge us for the service call! So awesome! They have a customer for life now! :)”

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